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Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue  by Christia Spears Brown PhD

Earphone Award

Though the author’s message may be controversial to some, the charm and authentic positivity in Stina Nielsen’s performance neutralize this audiobook’s polemical aspects, making it a delight to hear. Her youthful timbre and phrasing are part of the appeal, but she also has a remarkable ear for tone and substance. When the subject matter is grave or cautionary, she can shift into serious mode while staying connected to the optimism that gives her performance and this audio its continuity. Some of the author’s strategies are indeed revolutionary–avoidance of gender pronouns and gender-based toy allocation–but that’s what makes this audio compelling. In an age of fluid gender roles, it’s a wake-up call to reject cultural stereotypes about who boys and girls want to be and how they want to live their lives. T.W. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2020


Winter Grave  An Embla Nyström Investigation (Book 2) by Helene Tursten

Stina Nielsen is an experienced narrator who consistently excels at playing strong female characters. She does so again as she portrays Swedish detective Embla Nystrom, moving us from the post-traumatic stress of her previous case to the horrors of children going missing in her new one. Nielsen captures the persona of a professional woman beautifully; she sounds both strong and stressed as the story’s tension mounts. There are multiple detectives and bosses packed into this winding story. Nielsen helps us keep track of them as we get closer and closer to the culprit. Fans of Nordic noir will sink into this complicated series of linked crimes. M.R. © AudioFile 2019


The Lines We Leave Behind  by Eliza Graham (BD = recorded in British dialect)

Maude, a WWII resistance fighter incarcerated in an insane asylum after the war, slowly recovers her memory and recounts a series of horrific events to her psychiatrist and to us, her listeners. Narrator Stina Nielsen is a convincing Maude, whose tightly controlled voice resonates with tension. Nielsen captures Maude’s growing awareness of the events that placed her in the institution. This is a psychological novel, a thriller, a war story, and, in an ironic way, a love story. Resistance fighters are trained not to show emotion, and Nielsen’s Maude is a cool character who endures much. It’s a mesmerizing story delivered in an authentic voice. D.L.G. © AudioFile 2018


Sit, Stay, Love (Rescue Me, Book 2) by Debbie Burns

Narrator Stina Nielsen’s light tone and easy pacing provide the perfect atmosphere for this story of rescue, rehabilitation, and romance. A dog-fighting ring is broken up, and the High Grove Animal Shelter takes on 30 physically and emotionally wounded animals to try to rehabilitate them for future adoptions. Animal handler Kurt, a veteran who suffers from PTSD, reluctantly takes on the job of rehabbing the animals with shelter worker Kelsey. Nielsen distinguishes characters subtly, changing tone and inflection just enough to make it apparent who’s speaking during dialogue. She perfectly conveys Kurt’s reluctance to feel anything, contrasting it with Kelsey’s openheartedness and warmth. L.C.L. © AudioFile 2018


No Pity for the Dead by Nancy Herriman

Stina Nielsen, who narrated NO COMFORT FOR THE LOST, is completely at home delivering the second in Herriman’s Mystery of Old San Francisco series. This time, nurse Celia Davies and detective Nick Greaves are on the hunt for answers after 14-year-old Owen digs up a body under the basement floor of the offices of a dodgy real estate company. Nielsen’s portrayal of Owen is so real listeners will swear there’s a teenager in the room. Her Celia is spunky, conflicted about her attraction to Nick, and incorrigible. Her version of Nick sounds like a man trying to be nonjudgmental but whose bias is showing. The plotting is clever, the characters are appealing, and Stina Nielsen’s performance makes this first-rate series even better. S.J.H. © AudioFile 2017


Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison (BD = recorded in British dialect)

Stina Nielsen is a perfect choice for this narration. She gets 14-year-old Georgia just right, capturing her wry humor and moving easily between the panic, misery, and exultation that make up a teenager’s day. Nielsen does a stellar narration using a bubbly cadence that has you laughing and cringing throughout. If it weren’t for the picture on the cover, you’d be tempted to think her no more than 15 herself. D.G. © AudioFile 2002


The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James BD

Stina Nielsen’s narration makes it easy to suspend disbelief while listening to Jane Austen’s “lost” memoirs, discovered hidden under the eaves of the author’s home. From the moment Nielsen assumes the informative, authoritative tone of Dr. Jesse, the fictitious Austen scholar who pens the foreword, listeners happily give up trying to distinguish fact from fun speculation. Indeed, James’s use of actual facts, dates, and locations provides such a sturdy underpinning for her fanciful speculations about Austen’s life and secret love that listeners will be tempted to believe in the world she creates. Nielsen’s very British reading highlights James’s sometimes-uncanny imitation of Austen’s style and reveals her own gift for bringing nuanced characters alive through dialogue. J.C.G. © AudioFile 2010


Junonia by Kevin Henkes

2011 Best Voices in Children and Family Listening – AudioFile Magazine

Earphone Award

Stina Nielsen’s narration complements this touching story…Nielsen’s even cadence captures the gentle tone of the story, which is part coming-of-age and part nature journal. Nielsen demonstrates an excellent use of pacing; she speeds up or slows down her voice at appropriate times to portray Alice’s skepticism and Mallory’s eagerness. The listener can also hear the tenderness in the parents’ voices. Nielsen provides subtle shifts in inflection to indicate who is speaking and easily distinguishes the narrator’s voice from those of the other characters. JKR© AudioFile 2011


Stop in the Name of Pants! by Louise Rennison BDStop-Young-Adult-British.mp3     

2011 ALA Amazing Audio Books for Young Adults

Earphone Award

Stina Nielsen channels her inner prima donna for another foray into the teenage mind of Brit Georgia Nicolson. With Nielsen’s effervescent narration, Georgia’s summer escapades come to life, including international phone calls to the Italian-stallion “love god” Masimo and Viking-era interpretive dances with her gal pals. Nielsen perfectly captures Georgia’s teenage mood swings and impatience with adult sensibilities. Nine books into the series, there’s still something fresh and fun here. Different voices, as well as variation in pace and tone, ensure that Georgia’s friends remain distinct throughout the hectic social whirl. CA© AudioFile 2010


Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks BD Year-of-Wonders-Historical-Fiction-Adult-British.mp3     

Portraying goodness over the length of any performance is a dicey proposition. It so easily becomes cloying and saccharine, sometimes to the point of distracting from the story itself. That Stina Nielsen avoids such a pitfall it a testament to her talent.ielsen imbues Anna with such honest passion and generosity that the character maintains our sympathies throughout a story steeped in loss, betrayal, and faith. M.O. © AudioFile 2001


The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope by Rhonda Riley

Stina Nielsen uses a Southern accent to recount the story of the mysterious Adam, who becomes Evelyn’s husband… Nielsen delivers the story steadily, enticing the listener to savor the descriptions of farming, life, and love. Nielsen uses subtle variations of tone and inflection to differentiate the characters, especially Adam. M.B.K. © AudioFile 2013


The Miner’s Lady by Tracie Peterson

Family feuds and forbidden romance combine in this gentle listen. The Panettas and Calarcos have been enemies for years… Narrator Stina Nielsen offers an overall soothing pace but adds tension to the narration when the families are faced with accidents and tragedy. She seamlessly blends Italian accents, giving charm to the characters. The production is crisp and clear, and Nielsen’s narration is relaxing and enjoyable–perfect for listeners of inspirational romance. S.B.T. © AudioFile 2014


Are These My Basoomas I see Before Me? by Louise Rennison BD

2012 Top Ten List, ALA Amazing Audio Books for Young Adults

Georgia’s love trials continue as Massimo questions her maturiosity and Dave fluctuates between “horn and hump.” In the final installment of this series, Stina Nielsen escorts the listener on an angst and humor filled journey through Georgia’s world. ALA


The Lemonade Crime by Jaqueline Davies 1LemonCrime-CH-American.mp3     

By matching the style of the prose with narration that is fluid and spare, Stina Nielsen allows the heart of the story to shine. With her subtle vocal differentiation, Evan and Jessie feel like real characters rather than characterizations. There isn’t a false step in the story, as written or narrated. This is a sequel that stands alone, on its own two feet, without wobbling a bit. A.M.P. © AudioFile 2011


Love is a Many Trousered Thing by Louise Rennison BD

Earphone Award

High energy doesn’t even begin to describe Stina Nielsen’s narration of the latest Georgia Nicolson book. Nielsen portrays Georgia as a vivacious teen and provides equally dramatic voices for the other characters in Georgia’s universe. Rennison’s hysterically funny writing coupled with Nielsen’s perfectly posh British, tinged with just the right combination of enthusiasm, sarcasm, and outrage, makes this an adventure not to miss. E.N. © AudioFile 2010


Airhead by Meg Cabot

Stina Nielsen narrates with an appropriate balance of matter-of-factness and sensitivity, seamlessly becoming the protagonist.E.S. © AudioFile 2004


The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

2006 YALSA Select Audio Book for Young Adults

Stina Nielsen’s narration has an appealing tone and cadence that feature detailed nuances for each defined character. L.D.H. © AudioFile 2005

“Nielsen’s reading expresses both Macy’s peculiarities and the poignancy of her struggle.” -YALSA blurb


Evie & Margie by Bernard Waber

Stina Nielsen narrates with gentle understanding of her heroines. She paces the story unobtrusively so that the girls are center stage. Their emotions–whether tentative or forceful, fearful or hopeful, despondent or elated–are foremost. At the end she brings genuine pleasure to the triumphant finale. A.R. © AudioFile 2004


Rebecca’s Reward by Lauraine Snelling

Stina Nielsen subtly captures Rebecca’s grief when she loses her parents and brother in North Dakota in 1903.With frankness and humor, Nielsen perfectly renders their attempts to teach Rebecca feminine wiles in order to attract an eligible bachelor. With sensitivity Nielsen delivers a surprising ending listeners won’t soon forget. G.D.W. © AudioFile 2009


Across The Wide & Lonesome Prairie by Kristiana Gregory (co-read with Barbara Rosenblat)

Stina Nielsen’s youthful voice graces a teenager’s account of her family during their six-month journey on the Oregon Trail in 1847. Nielsen animates the diary with the awe of Hattie’s discoveries.N.M.C. © AudioFile 2006


The Hello Goodbye Window by Norton Juster

Stina Nielsen is an unobtrusive narrator. She relates the story in a quiet manner so that each anecdote and the engaging illustrations take center stage. A.R. © AudioFile 2006


Jackie’s Wild Seattle by Will Hobbs

Stina Nielsen narrates with an appropriate balance of matter-of-factness and sensitivity, seamlessly becoming the protagonist.E.S. © AudioFile 2004


The Other Queen by Phillipa Gregory (Co-read with Jenny Sterlin and Ron Keith) BD

Stina Nielsen and Jenny Sterlin portray two sharp-minded women engaged in a battle of wits as one endeavors to reclaim her throne while the other strives to recoup her fortune. N.M.C. © AudioFile 2009


The Brethren by Beverly Lewis

Stina Nielsen’s skill in depicting Amish characters is enhanced by her ability to deliver a Pennsylvania Dutch accent. Nielsen builds the suspense as the listener wonders how Annie will ever find happiness and delivers an outstanding performance as Annie attempts to come to terms with her own identity. N.L. © AudioFile 2007


Best Voice of the Year in Children and Family Listening – AudioFile Magazine, 2011

  • 2011
  • Junonia by Kevin Henkes

Earphone Awards

  • 2020
  • Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue by Christia Spears Brown PhD
  • 2016
  • Baker’s Magic by Diane Zahler – Full Cast Recording
  • 2011
  • Junonia by Kevin Henkes
  • 2010
  • Love Is A Many Trousered Thing by Louise Rennison
  • 2008
  • Stop In The Name Of Pants! by Louise Rennison

Audie Award Finalist

  • 2014
  • The Ice Cutter’s Daughter by Tracie Peterson
  • 2007
  • The Preachers Daughter by Beverley Lewis
  • 2005
  • Keesha’s House by Helen Frost – Full Cast Recording


  • 2012 Amazing Audio Books for Young Adults (Top Ten List)
  • Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? by Louise Rennison
  • 2011 –Amazing Audio Books for Young Adults
  • Stop In The Name Of Pants! by Louise Rennison
  • 2006 –Selected Audio Books for Young Adults
  • Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Booklist Editor’s Choice Audio For Youth

  • 2017
  • Baker’s Magic by Diane Zahler – Full Cast Recording

YALSA Selected Audio Book for Young Adults

  • 2002
  • Give A Boy A Gun by Todd Strasser – Full Cast Recording
  • 2005
  • Keesha’s House by Helen Frost – Full Cast Recording
  • 2006
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

BD         -Indicates a book narrated in British dialect

C            -Indicates a co-narration or full cast recording

      -Click for a link to an audio sample

The Grey Chamber Grace Hitchcock
Home Truths Tina Suskin BD
The Lines We Leave Behind Eliza Graham BD
We Hope for Better Things Erin Bartels
A New Leash on Love Debbie Burns
Sit, Stay, Love Debbie Burns
The Last of the Stanfields Marc Levy BDC
Hunting Game Helene Tursten
The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope Rhonda Riley
Falling Angels Tracey Chevalier C
Midnight in Austenland Shannon Hale
Quicksilver Neal Stephenson C
The Accidental Ali Smith BD C
Wickett’s Remedy Myla Goldberg C
Secrets From The Past Barbara Taylor Bradford
Everyone Worth Knowing Lauren Weisberger
Romeo & Juliet & Vampires Claudia Gabel BD
The Art of Inheriting Secrets Barbara O’Neal
Sisterchicks do the Hula Robin Jones Gunn
Rant      Chuck Palahniuik C
To Siberia Per Petterson
Year of Wonders Geraldine Brooks BD
Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey      Allison Weir C BD
The Virgin Cure      Ami McKay C
The Other Queen Phillipa Gregory C BD
Queen of Subtleties Suzannah Dunn C BD
The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen Syrie James BD
The Unfaithful Queen Carolly Erikkson BD
NVK Temple Drake
Winter Grave Helene Tursten
A Mystery of Old San Francisco Series: Nancy Herriman
—–No Comfort for the Lost #1

—–No Pity for the Dead  #2

Imagining Diana – Metabook Diane Clehane
Baker’s Magic Diane Zahler
I’ll Take You There – MetaBook Wally Lamb
Mermaid Moon Susann Cokal
Hurricane Season Nicole Melleby
Racing Manhattan Terrance Blacker BD
Junonia Kevin Henkes
Freaky Green Eyes Joyce Carol Oats
The Truth About Forever Sarah Dessen
Keeping The Moon      Sarah Dessen
Lucas Kevin Brooks BD
Keesha’s House (Full cast Recording)      Helen Frost C  Audie Nominated
Summer Days and Summer Nights Stephanie Perkins C  
 The Lemonade War Series:  Jaqueline Davies
—–The Lemonade War #1

—–The Lemonade Crime #2      

—–The Bell Bandit #3

The AirheadSeries: Meg Cabot
—–Airhead #1

—–Being Nikky #2

—–Runaway #3

The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson Series: Louise Rennison BD
 —–Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging #1

—–On The Bright Side I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God #2

—–Knocked Out By My Nunga Nungas #3

—–Dancing in My Nuddy Pants #4

—–Love Is A Many Trousered Thing #8

—–Stop In The Name Of Pants! #9     

—–Are These My Bazoomas I See Before Me? #10

Pretty Monsters Kelly Link C
Wicked Girls Stephanie Hemphill C
The Calahan Cousins Series: Elizabeth Doyle Carey
 —Summer Begins #1

—Home Sweet Home #2

—Keeping Cool #3

—Together Again #4

No More Dead Dogs Gordon Korman C
The Shadow Maker Joan Lowery Nixon
Give A Boy A Gun Todd Strasser C
The Heartbreakers Series: Pamela Wells
—–The Heartbreakers #1

—–The Crushers #2

The Wedding Planner’s Daughter Series: Murtagh Paratore
 —–The Wedding Planner’s Daughter #1

—–The Cupid Chronicles #2

The Night Fliers Elizabeth McDavid Jones
Jackie’s Wild Seattle Will Hobbs
Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie Kristiana Gregory C
Gracie’s Girl Ellen Wittlinger
The Cat with Seven Lives (Full Cast Recording) Tony Johnson C
The Hello, Goodbye Window Norton Juster
The Maple & Willow Series: Lori Nichols

—–Maple & Willow Together

—–Maple and Willow Apart

Princess Posey Series: Stephanie Greene
—–Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade      

—–Princess Posey and the Perfect Present

—–Princess Posey and the Next-Door Dog

—–Princess Posey and the Monster Stew

—–Princess Posey and the Tiny Treasure

—–Princess Posey and the New Girl

—–Princess Posey and the Boys

—–Princess Posey and the 1st Grade Ballet

—–Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation

The Perfect Wizard, HC Anderson Jane Yolen
The Betsey Series: Carolyn Haywood
—–B is for Betsey

—–Betsey and the Boys

Margie & Evie Bernard Waber
The Medallion Cathy Gohlke
Earth Psalms Francine Rivers
Marta’s Legacy Series: Francine Rivers
—–Her Mother’s Hope #1

—–Her Daughter’s Dream #2     

Enchanted Isle Melanie Dobson
Sisters Of Lancaster County Series: Leslie Gould
—–A Plain Leaving #1
Annie’s People Series: Beverly Lewis  Audie Nominated
—–The Preacher’s Daughter #1

—–The Englisher #2

—–The Brethren #3

The Land of Shining Water Series: Tracie Peterson  Audie Nominated
—–The Icecutter’s Daughter #1

—–The Quarryman’s Bride #2

—–The Miner’s Lady #3

 Daughters of Amana Series: Judith Miller
—–Somewhere to Belong #1

—–More Than Words #2

—–A Bond Never Broken #3

Home to Amana Series: Judith Miller
—–A Hidden Truth #1

—–A Simple Change #2

—–A Shining Light #3

Amish Vines & Orchards Series: Cindy Woodsmall
—–A Season For Tending #1

—–The Winnowing Season #2

—–For Every Season#3

—–Seasons of Tomorrow #4

 The Amish of Summer Grove Series: Cindy Woodsmall
—–Ties that Bind #1

—–Fraying at the Edge #2

—–Gathering The Threads #3

The California Historical Series: Cathy Marie Hake
—–Letter Perfect #1

—–Bittersweet #2

—–Forevermore #3

 The Daughter’s of Blessing Series: Lauraine Snelling
—–A Promise for Ellie #1

—–Sophie’s Dilemma #2

—–A Touch of Grace #3

—–Rebecca’s Reward #4

 The Home to Blessing Series: Lauraine Snelling
—–A Measure of Mercy #1

—–No Distance Too Far #2

—–A Heart For Home #3

 A Song of Blessing Series: Lauraine Snelling
—–To Everything a Season #1

—–A Harvest of Hope #2

—–Streams of Mercy #3

—–From This Day Forward #4

The Wild West Wind Series: Lauraine Snelling
—–Valley of Dreams #1

—–Whispers in the Wind #2

—–A Place to Belong #3

 The Dakota Series: Lauraine Snelling
—–Dakota Dawn #1

—–Dakota Dream #2

—–Dakota Dusk #3

—–Dakota December#4

—–Dakota Destiny #5

 The Sisters of Holms County Series: Wanda Brunstetter
—–A Sister’s Hope #1

—–A Sister’s Secret #2

—–A Sister’s Test #3

The Courtships of Lancaster CountySeries: Leslie Gould
—–Courting Cate #1

—–Minding Molly #3

The Neighbors of Lancaster County Series: Leslie Gould
—–Amish Promises #1

—–Amish Sweethearts #2

—–Amish Weddings #3

Where Yesterday Lives Karen Kingsbury
Hazel Creek Walt Larimore
Broken Wings Carla Stewart C
Until The Dawn Elizabeth Camden C
Toward the Sunrise Elizabeth Camden
The Tinderbox Beverly Lewis
The Refuge Ann H Gabhart
Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue Christia Spears Brown PhD Earphone Award
Anger is My Middle Name Lisbeth Zornig Andersen
LLCs For Dummies Jennifer Reuting
The Blink of An Eye Rikke Schmidt Kjærgaard
The Good, The Bad, and The Barbie Tanya Lee Stone
Reports, Proposals, and Procedures Natascha Terk

I was born in Brooklyn, NY to an American father and a Danish mother.  When I was 2 years old my family and I moved to London.   Five years later, my family moved to a suburb of Amsterdam. Just before I turned 12, we moved back to America and settled in a suburb of Washington, DC.

The experience of growing up in a bilingual family and living in several international cities has given me a love of dialects and a strong ear for accents.  I love exploring dialects and voices and acting and narrating give me many opportunities to do so.

My first professional job was a tv commercial for a dish soap (Fairy Liquid) in London when I was 6 years old.  I was hooked, and have enjoyed many different acting related jobs ever since.  I made my Broadway debut in THE JUDAS KISS with Liam Neeson, a show we also performed in London’s West End. My other Broadway credits include understudying in WAITING IN THE WINGS with Lauren Bacall; WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? with Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin; and THE LITTLE FOXES with Stockard Channing.

My Regional Theatre credits include Tennessee Williams’ THE NOTEBOOK OF TRIGORIN with Lynn Redgrave and Jeff Woodman at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park; CRUMBS FROM THE TABLE OF JOY at Capital Repertory Theatre; ON THE VERGE at Pandora’s Box in New York City, BUS STOP at the Everyman Theatre in Baltimore, ‘1933’ at the Denver Center Theatre Company; MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, PERICLES at the Mint Theatre in New York City, MISALLIANCE, ARISTOCRATS and THE GAME OF LOVE AND CHANCE at The Washington Stage Guild,  and TWELFTH NIGHT,  A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY, THE ODYSSEY, DANCING AT LUGHNASA, DIRTY WORK, and BABES IN BOYLAND at Arena Stage in Washington DC.

Along with commercials, my TV credits include “Law & Order–SVU”, “The City”, “All My Children”and “Another World”. My longest stint was on Another World where I played the role of Dr Courtney Evans. A short film I narrated for Metabook Films, ‘Yours Sincerely Lois Weber’ was an Official Selection at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and the Huesca Film Festival and won the Best Documentary at the LA Shorts International Film Festival.

I have an MFA in Acting from the Catholic University of America and I am a proud union member (AEA & SAG-AFTRA).

I have always had a great passion for audiobooks and have worked as an audiobook engineer, director, editor, proofer, and narrator. I have been fortunate enough to narrate over 200 books.